Are We Willing to be “Inconvenienced”?

Recently, I was remembering something that happened several years ago when we lived in Roanoke. I was heading home and waiting my turn to get on the freeway when, all of a sudden, I was hit from behind. It was a mail truck. As I looked at the damage, the truck was fine, but my car definitely was not!

As I exchanged information with the young man, he poured out his heart and told me everything that was going wrong in his life. Without even thinking, I said, “You really need God in your life!” He looked kind of surprised and said, “I think you were supposed to tell me that today.” And I’m pretty sure he was right.

I pray that he turned his life around and got back in church. Here’s the point. That accident was a major inconvenience even though we didn’t have to pay for it. The time it took to have my car fixed and to be without it was just one of life’s annoyances!

But, if I could have changed that day, would I? If I was able to speak into someone’s life and help turn things around and make a difference in someone for eternity, would I? I sure hope so! And then I think, what else would I be willing to be inconvenienced about if it had eternal value? If we stop and think about it, the list could be pretty long.

“Lord, help me to be willing to be inconvenienced if it makes a difference in someone’s life!”

Hayden Hefner