The Power of Forgiveness

I read a story recently about a little boy. His mother worried about him a lot. He didn’t seem to have friends at school. The kids always left him out and Valentine’s Day was coming. Her mother’s heart was so concerned that he wouldn’t get any Valentines. And, she noticed that he was working hard on the ones he would give out to his classmates.

When he came home after school on Valentine’s Day, she was anxious to see if his spirit was crushed. Instead, he was as happy as he could be. His only comment was, “I remembered everyone! I didn’t leave one person out! I remembered them all!”

I haven’t been able to get this story out of my mind. Oh to have the love and faith of that little boy! So much like Jesus! Instead of thinking of all the wrongs that had been done to him, he only wanted to not leave anyone in the class off his list! Lord, help me to be more like you! Help me to have the simple faith and forgiveness of this little boy!

There’s something powerful about total and complete forgiveness. It takes us above the pettiness and selfishness of this world and helps us see people as Jesus sees them!

Hayden Hefner