The Power of Prayer

If you saw the movie War Room, you will remember the scene where a realtor was showing the house to a pastor and his wife.  In touring the house, the pastor asked, “What was this room used for?  It feels like something was ‘baked in’.”  And the realtor responded, “That is where she prayed.”

It made me think of my own grandmother.  Her house was so small, I think you could stand in the middle of the house with a feather duster in your hand and dust the entire house without ever moving from that one spot.  And I can assure you that something was “baked in” the entire house.

I have wonderful memories of that house.  We had such a routine.  At night we would read the bible and pray.  We would get a glass of water to put on the windowsill (just in case we needed a drink in the middle of the night) and we would choose two or three Bible verses from her Precious Promise Box and put them under our pillow.  And in the morning we would have devotions again.  I don’t know anyone else that had devotions morning and evening.  I have always felt really proud to have my devotions once a day!

But here’s the thing, those prayers have followed me all my life!  I remember at one point thinking this Christian life is hard.  Should I keep trying or choose another path?  And my next thought was, I better just keep on going because that woman is always calling my name in prayer!  I can’t escape her payers!

So this is what I firmly believe.  It’s time to rise up and pray!  Let’s pray for our families, our church and our nation! Let’s pray with such fervency that wherever we pray, it will feel like something’s been “baked in”!

James 5:16 says, “…The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man (or woman) makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working). (Amplified)

Do you need tremendous power, dynamic in its working?  If so, it’s time to PRAY!!!

Dustin Jett