Worry¾the power of a little five letter word!  Have you ever found yourself worried about something needlessly?  Boy, I have!  True confession time!

Sometimes, I find myself driving back and forth on I-35 to Dallas.  With two of my kids living there, I think I could find my way blindfolded!

But one day driving back to OKC, I noticed there were flashing lights across the highway.  And I wasn’t sure, but I thought maybe it had taken a picture of my license plate and a ticket might be coming in the mail.  Because I might have been  going a little fast…

And so I started to pray.  And I prayed, “Oh God, please don’t let a ticket be in the mail.  I promise to watch my speed better!  Please God!”  And so I prayed.  And so I worried!  Until…I realized that those flashing lights are for the people driving trucks!

So the moral of the story is this.  Yes, I need to slow down for sure, but how many times do we worry needlessly about things that never happen?  One of my favorite verses is, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank him for his answers.”  Philippians  4:6

Worry can be destructive!  Worry can be a distraction!  And it can be all-consuming!  It can cause us to be ineffective in what we are doing for God’s Kingdom.  So, instead of worrying, let’s give our anxieties and fears to God!  And let’s trust Him to work out the details in our lives! And maybe, slow down just a little.

Dustin Jett