I Know He Heard My Prayer

I am one of those people who literally grew up in church.  I went to the same church all my life until I got married.  Being in church was as normal for me as being in my living room at home.  Everything in my life was centered around church.

If we had a singing group at church, my friends and I would go home and find a jump rope and the handle would be our microphone and we would sing our hearts out.  The songbook would be like my piano that I pretended to play while I was in church.  If I turned it one way, it would be a piano and another way if I wanted to play the organ.  And yes, I can remember the pastor calling me down on the front row for talking during church.  That didn’t go over very well with my mom and dad!  Except for that, I have so many great memories!

There are some things that made such an impression on me that I have never forgotten them.  I remember an evangelist coming and singing an old song entitled, I Know He Heard My Prayer.  He would sing the verses and then he would come to a part in the song that said, “The enemy had said that my faith in God was dead.  And if the way was rough, He would not care.”  At that point he would put down his guitar and say, “If you live to be 100, don’t you ever believe that!”

I’m not quite 100, but older than I was then and that song and that truth has been with me all my life!  Whatever you are going through, know this – God has heard your prayer!  He does care!  And He will answer!

Dustin Jett