What is Your Slingshot?

I heard someone say that David’s slingshot promoted him to the throne.  It’s interesting.  It wasn’t a sword, or heavy armor, or his ability to fight as a warrior.  It was a little slingshot that God used to bring down Goliath and eventually promote David to be king over Israel.

I think our “slingshots” are our gifts and talents that we use to serve God.  The “throne” is the place where God brings us to fulfillment in serving Him.  So what is your “slingshot”?

Do you just love music?  Then maybe you should be singing in the choir.  Music prepares our hearts to receive God’s Word and ushers us into His presence.

Or, maybe you love babies.  Then I have a job for you!  The opportunity to serve in the nursery and love on babies!  The chance to hold them and pray for them that God will always keep these little ones and direct their paths.

Do you love to teach?  As you read God’s Word, maybe He drops nuggets of truth in your heart that you can share with adults or children.

Maybe you love meeting new people.  We have opportunities for you to serve at our kiosks or as a greeter.  These smiling faces are the first introduction visitors have to our church.

There are so many opportunities for you to serve!  And many more than I have mentioned here!  So pull out your “slingshot” and let it bring you to the place of service and fulfillment that your heart longs to be – the “throne” where your joy is complete because you are serving Him with your gifts and talents.

Dustin Jett